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Spirit of the King has received critical acclaim from a number of editorial reviewers and media profiles, which you can explore for yourself below.

"Spirit of the King aims to thrill with its opening salvos and succeeds on impact. The story skillfully weaves its narrative from start to finish with flights of fantasy interspersed with drama, humor, and romance. Aria distinguishes herself as a heroine in her deep resolve and strength. The battle for supremacy between King Eli and Keriggor serves as a transfixing backdrop, from both and individual and larger spectrum. Fantasy fiction has a new worthy addition with Amy Hay's wonderfully pleasing book. A literary escape worth taking in this year or the next."


“…the author’s nuanced portrayal of a young woman’s self-discovery will resonate with readers. Likewise, Hay’s accomplished worldbuilding -- crowded village squares, ethereal palaces, and host of well-defined secondary characters -- gives vivid life to Aria’s complex world…”


“Hay’s prose is simple yet atmospheric in style, and it illuminates a world where the spiritual and physical exist side by side. Aria is portrayed as feisty and willful… she brings a recognizably human perspective to this allegory of good and evil.”

KIRKUS REVIEWS, 01/07/2021 

"...a fantastical journey of self-discovery and redemption."


"Packed with atmosphere, intrigue, and incredible world building from cover to cover. A real masterpiece of character-led and conceptual storytelling."

K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, 12/02/2020

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