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ASMR Goes Cinematic

For those high production value tingles.

The Debts of the Manor | ASMR Roleplay (papers, writing, coins, gold, soft spoken) by Moonlight Cottage ASMR on Youtube.

Roleplay is nothing new in the world of ASMR. In fact, it’s been there since its inception. But cinematic-style videography, complete with Patreon supported, high production value specs has given ASMR Roleplay a dramatic facelift over the last two years and has exploded in popularity on Youtube.

Groundbreaking as it may have been 10 years ago, watching someone softly whisper into a stationary camera while pretending to caress your face with a makeup brush is over.

Movie style intros, pre-production historical research, panning camera angles, sophisticated props, and fully scripted, cinematic quality content is the future of ASMR.

What is ASMR?

If you’re late to the party, read this.

You can delve into the (mostly anecdotal) brain science or psychology of ASMR if you wish, but really it’s no big deal. Those who watch ASMR videos on a regular basis do so because it helps them relax and unwind, or even fall asleep. Generally speaking, any sound or visual that evokes a positive, comfy, cozy feeling in the viewer may be considered an ASMR “trigger”; it all depends on how the viewer’s brain responds to the stimuli.

On Youtube, ASMRtists (people who create ASMR audiovisual material) do whatever they’re comfortable with and it’s up to the viewer to find what style of content they like. There are a variety of visual and sound categories that ASMRtists feature in their videos.

If you’re new to the ASMR side of Youtube, it generally takes a couple weeks of exploration and regular listening to find out which ASMRtists you prefer.

Exploring New Frontiers

Three ASMRtists are charting new territory by exploring what is possible for the niche’s future.

Not only do they deliberately integrate trigger sounds and visual elements into narratives that involve new or recurring characters, but the level of technical sophistication and artistic expression elevates their work to something akin to a studio quality short film.

Moonlight Cottage ASMR

Getting You Ready For The Ball, 1812 | ASMR Roleplay is her most popular upload to date with +3.1M views.

Moonlight Cottage ASMR entered the scene in October, 2019, with the clear intention of producing cinematic quality ASMR. She describes her channel as:

“A cozy place where you’ll find cinematic/historical ASMR & relaxation videos. I’ve been experiencing ASMR since I was a child and wanted to share videos with this wonderful community.”

According to her Q&A , she builds her own sets, sources her own props and costumes, and writes, films, and edits her own content.

A self study on cinematic lighting, settings, and video editing, she says she is “learning [new things] every day”.

But that’s nothing to shake a stick at. Thus far, her 65 videos have garnered +32.6M total views. And she doesn’t plan on stopping. With a larger studio in her new home and financial support from Patreon donors, her viewers can look forward to even more creative, cinematic style content.

Made in France ASMR

The Tingle Tailor 🧵ASMR ROLEPLAY (No Talking), is his most popular video, reaching +1.4M views.

Made In France ASMR is a professional filmmaker based in France. He longs to see the film industry embrace and regularly utilize ASMR as a tool for dynamic storytelling. He promotes this vision through his own cinematic ASMR creations.

“All my studies on Cinematographic & Sound Design allow me to produce the best Sounds & Visuals [so] I can relax you, help you fall asleep, and I hope, trigger your tingles.”

Since 2018, he has created nine unique cinematic roleplay series. Not only are the series highly original, complete with elaborate set designs and costuming, but he goes above and beyond by recording three distinct versions of each: English(soft-spoken), French (soft-spoken), and No Talking.

He has uploaded over 450 videos since 2014. They have collectively received +103.3M views.

Atlas ASMR

“This video was very much inspired by the genius stylings of Eran Amir and vfx magician Zach King. (With a bit of Loony Tunes, Mr Bean and Chaplin sprinkled in). Legends, the lot of em.” — Atlas ASMR

New to the scene, Atlas ASMR joined Youtube in January, 2020. His young, tender, yet deeply supported roots may be found in narrative ASMR. His most popular video, ASMR|Man On Train, 1809, has received +1.7M views.

However, it’s clear that he’s looking to push genre boundaries and concoct new ways to help viewers unwind and escape. From facilitating the well-executed collaboration, The Gentlemen|Male ASMR Collab, to crafting the more silly, experimental, Wes Anderson-y style video, The Grand Atlas Hotel — An ASMR Short, it’s clear that he’s up to something good.

As an added bonus, his delightful sense of humor shines in every video he creates. His Patreon supporters will be following his budding ASMR career very closely — he’s on the brink of greatness.

Atlas ASMR describes himself as:

“ [a] soft-spoken kiwi fella, serving up cinematic, experimental and narrative ASMR. This is quiet entertainment, best suited to helping you unwind, relax, sleep and escape. Good vibes only.”

In Short

Dedicated and passionate ASMRtists continue to showcase the future of ASMR by producing standout quality content. Cinematic ASMR is a delightful way to soak up those tingles. And in three to five years, it may become the new standard.

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