Spirit of the King Amy Hay writer

Spirit of the King

Allegiance is Power. Choose the Strongest.


Eighteen year old Aria finds her allegiance caught between Keriggor and Eli, the two most powerful opposing spiritual entities in existence. After being set free from a covenant with Keriggor under the presumption she will immediately forge a new covenant with Eli, the two not only war for her loyalty, but stoke her innate desire to wield extreme power. Each offers her a portion of their own by placing a unique seal on her forehead.


In her journey of self-discovery, she transforms the landscape of cities and villages throughout the territories. But as her own unique identity begins to emerge, she wonders if she will ever be truly free of them.


spirit of the king revival amy hay writer

Spirit of the King: Revival

Identity is Destiny.

With Morynth liberated, Aria savors her newfound purpose and identity in bearing Eli’s all powerful golden spiritual seal. Her direct allegiance to Eli captures the attention of the cunning Governor Aramaq Grayson of the city of Parus, and soon her naive assumptions regarding her relationship with Eli are thrust into sharp relief. Meanwhile, she begins to unravel the mystery behind Roalden Culos, a man who enjoys playing both slave and master in a dark web of manipulation. 


As more prominent cities fall under Keriggor’s influence, Aria hurries to dismantle his plans for the region. Allegiances are forged, tested, and destroyed as secrets are revealed and Aria pushes herself to the breaking point to relinquish Keriggor’s grip over cities around the world.


spirit of the king amy hay writer

Spirit of the King: Revolution

Ashes to Gold.

Wounded but incapable of dying, Keriggor begins a slow descent into madness. After burning down the expansive wilderness Aria so deeply loves, he declares open war against everything Eli represents, forcing the Rangnor, a secret band of rangers who serve Eli, out of hiding. Meanwhile, Aria discovers that Keriggor and Eli share a far more intimate connection than she could have ever imagined. A single betrayal, a splitting of spirits, and an eternal separation altered the course of Aria’s entire life.

In the final installment of the Spirit of the King trilogy, deep love and great sacrifice pave the way for powerful transformation and a destiny fit for a revolution.